EST. 2017

Today’s learners are tomorrow’s leaders.

MagiCube aims to guide students and open a whole new perspective of programming using state-of-the-art technologies. Driven by the desire to enlighten students through personalized learning supports, we believed students would be able to enjoy the unique approach established by MagiCube in developing computational thinking.


Promote innovative DIY learning, and practical hands-on skills on advanced technology applications.

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Provide customized STEM services enhancing teachers’ and students’ educational experiences.

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HKICT Gold Award 2019

It was really a great honour to be able to participate in the ICT Startup Award Competition (Social Impact Stream).  We won the Gold Award...

3-2-1 Go! Bang!

This public event was organized by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. It was mainly organized for startups to display their hardware products and...

LTE 2018 Learning & Teaching Expo

We showcased our product in Learning & Teaching Expo 2018. We performed demos for our product and collected more than 50 registrations from teachers who...

Why Choose Us?


Integrating Microsoft MakeCode into virtual classroom environment, assisting STEM education and management.


Professional on technical compatibility and emphasize on providing unique learning qualities.


Partnered with primary, secondary schools, and universities in forming an education ecosystem.


Reduce learning diversity and establish equality in education through secure technological infrastructure.


Diversified pool of talents ranging from computer engineering, educational professionals, and research academia.


Aspire to promote teaching and learning by educational technology, combining pedagogy, new ideas and methods are the core competences of MagiCube.