About Us

Wisdom in education, Wisdom in innovation, Wisdom in technology.

Magi refers to the 3 wise men. Cube is the power of 3.

Your Learning Tech partner in Hong Kong. MagiCube is formed by a team of passionate educators and programmers to promote an efficient learning platform. In MagiCube, we aim to guide students and open a whole new perspective of programming using state-of-the-art technologies. Driven by the desire to enlighten students through personalized learning supports, we believed that students would be able to enjoy the unique approach in developing computational thinking.

We provide robust software development capabilities, especially in the areas of using latest system frameworks, security technology, data analytics algorithms and modern graphical interfaces. These are essentials in building high quality educational systems that can be used by students, teachers and parents anytime, anywhere using a wide range of different computers and mobile devices.

As STEM education becomes more popular and prevalent, schools and teachers struggle to implement STEM with little experience and aid while trying to catch up with the latest development. The task becomes even less attainable with overburdened teachers in the frontline. Recognizing the needs of desperate educators, MagiCube offers a one-stop platform to carry out STEM education in the most economically convenient way.

Pioneered by seasoned educators and programmers, we offer the perfect solution for schools to promote STEM education, starting one step ahead to build a solid foundation for more advanced programming learning.

Schools planning to apply for STEM educational funds can contact us for future collaborations.

We focus on 4

Critical thinking

Powering edtech with wisdom

Core Team Members

Dr. Yeung Cheuk Yu, LeoManaging Director and Founder

I am an adjunct assistant professor of Computer Science in the University of Hong Kong and got PhD in the same department in 2017. I received the Best Tutor Award, First Class Honors and Dean’s Honor List and taught in the Faculty of Education, HKU.


I am the software architect of MagiCube’s innovative online collaborative learning platform. I am experienced and proficient in web application and software development.

Dr. Chan Lap Chung, JasonOperation Manager

With an innovative mindset, I am responsible for research development, and constantly exploring new methodologies which can be applied together with engineering for the well being of education.

Ma Ho Hin, DragonSoftware Developer

I specialized in information engineering with experiences in PhaserJS, jQuery, NodeJS, JavaScript and PHP. I am involved in MagiCube’s platform development and research and develop advanced robotics for STEM education.

Ho Sui Cheong, JohnathanSoftware Developer

I am a programmer with experiences in database design and system development. I enjoy applying what I have learnt to develop state-of-the art educational platforms with my colleagues in MagiCube.


Dr. Yiu Siu MingNon-executive Director

I am currently an Associate Professor of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. I am a passionate teacher and have received 10 teaching awards from the University, Faculty, and Department. I was a core member of an QEF project on IT education. I am devoted to solutions for STEM education.

Dr. Jonathan C.Y. ChungNon-executive Director

I am an Associate Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the CityU of Hong Kong and also a Committee Member of the HKIE Materials Division.


I am a teaching consultant for Department of Education of Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary & Primary School, and other local schools. Being familiar with various teaching methods such as classroom management skills, child development theory, I’m actively developing curriculums for STEM education. I also have practical experience on how educational software can be applied with educational theory.

Integrate pedagogy, innovation and technology for the well being of this generation's learners.