Posted by | 2020-03-10
Workshop on remote teaching for Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School

MagiCube has recently offered a workshop on remote teaching for Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School. In this workshop, we provide online teaching solutions on how to eliminate the challenges encountered in...

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Posted by | 2020-02-14
Teacher sharing on using Una Platform #11 | Lam Tai Fai College  Topic: Teaching AI with Una, an online platform combining Microsoft MakeCode and Azure Cognitive Services Speakers: Mr. Yau (Jonathan), Lam Tai Fai College Event: Learning and Teaching Expo 2019...

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Posted by | 2020-01-21
Teacher sharing on using Una Platform #10 | Esperanza  Topic: Esperanza x MagiCube Speakers: Mr. Tsang (John), Founder of Esperanza ; Mr. Yau (Jonathan), Lam Tai Fai College ; Students of La Salle College Date: 21 Jan 2020...

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Posted by | 2020-01-18
Interviewed by HK01

Interviewed by HK01 at St. Hilary's Primary School. Leo and the STEM teacher (Alvin Ma) showed how Una platform helps students learn STEM efficiently. The principal (Mr. Chu) also shared...

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Posted by | 2020-01-16
1st HKACE AI Teacher Training

Thank you for participating in the first HKACE AI teacher training and we hope you enjoyed the lesson on AI Object Recognition with Una-AI. We are also very delighted to...

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Posted by | 2020-01-09
Interviewed by Hong Kong Open TV

As one of the winners in the Reimagine Education Challenge, Leo and other winners together with John Tsang were interviewed by Hong Kong Open TV, where they introduced their new...

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Posted by | 2019-12-13

We showcased our flagship products in Learning & Teaching Expo 2019. For the second year in a row, we received more than 1000+ responses from teachers, educational experts, NGOs, investors,...

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Posted by | 2019-12-07
Urbanovation Series (III) Fostering Participatory Education

Leo’s invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to share his ideas on promoting STEM education in Hong Kong. According to our users feedback, Una could help shaping...

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Posted by | 2019-12-06
Interviewed by

Our product, Una, was interviewed by “”, a popular Hong Kong IT magazine with forefront technology instinct owned by Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings. Una's unique feature: a virtual classroom...

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Posted by | 2019-12-05
UNA Boards trial at DesignInspire 2019

Our product, Una board is a customisable and easy to build leaning material for STEM education. It can be setup as a road trail, a maze, a tunnel or even...

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