16 April 2019

Being ICT award winner this year, we were invited to set up a booth at HKCEC ICT Expo.  Setting up a booth under ICT Awards Pavilion was a good chance to observe how the public reacts to our award-winning platform. It was also a good occasion to know more about other award winners too. During the Expo, the event organizer hosted sharing workshops...

11 April 2019
HKBUAS STEM Activities

There was a mini STEM fair for primary students at Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School. Our Una boards were used by G1 students to practice coding and controlling the robotic cars. Once they were ready, they would move on to the next challenge which is to lead the car move without making the...

04 April 2019
HK ICT Award

It was really a great honour to be able to participate in the ICT Startup Award Competition (Social Impact Stream).  We won the Gold Award for that stream. After the morning award ceremony, we were delighted to have a booth and showcase our award-winning platform to the public. It was a great experience for everyone in the...

21 March 2019
3-2-1 Go! Bang!

This public event is organized by Hong Kong Technology & Science Park. It is mainly organized for startups to display their hardware products and help them to increase their publicity. We decided to showcase our Una Board and had demos to explain how the teachers can benefit when using Una Board for STEM workshops.

19 March 2019
HKU Technology Fair

Since Leo (founder of MagiCube Limited) is a member of the alumni in HKU, we were honored to be able to have a booth at the Technology Fair in HKU. It was great to have conversations with college students in person and share more about the STEM and Edu-Tech market in Hong Kong currently. It...

09 March 2019
HKSTP Career Expo 2019

As the member company of Incu-App Programme under Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP), we were honoured to set up a booth to recruit fresh graduates in our team. Our Director of Public Relations was also one of the judges for the Career Pitch Competition. The fair was not just a great exposure for...

05 March 2019
Legislative Councillor Mr Ip Kin Yuen visit to MagiCube’s Office

It was a great pleasure to reach out to legislator Ip Kin-yuen and offered him for a visit at MagiCube’s office. The sharing session with legislator Ip and our founder was very beneficial for enhancing and improving our products, services and understand more about the educational industry in Hong Kong. It was our honour to...

29 January 2019
DBS students visit

It was our pleasure to meet up with ICT & DT students from DBS (Diocesan Boys’ School). We shared our corporate background and provided information regarding the services we provide to teachers. Students explored micro:bit and Raspberry pi products with our teaching materials and also tried out our R&D prototype.

28 January 2019
JPM NxTEC 2.0 Term Time Internship Programme

As the member company of Incu-App Programme, Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP), we were honored to join the JPM NxTEC 2.0 Term Time Internship Programme to hire young interns who have a keen interest in programming and IT industry. Besides working on programming tasks, they helped to explore interesting STEM-related technology. We are...