Media Reports

22 August 2019
Interviewed by ET Net Limited

Interviewed by ET Net Limited, a member of the Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited.  Leo shared his experience on how he started MagiCube Limited and his views on STEM education with the principal (Mr. Tam Yat Yuk) and teacher (Jonathan Yau) from Lam Tai Fai College. Link:

02 July 2019
Media Coverage by PCM

PCM is an online I.T magazine website in Hong Kong. In this online article by PCM, Leo shared his ideas and the core vision of how MagiCube Limited helps teachers and students in learning diversity and the development of STEM education. Link:

28 June 2019
Interviewed by Sing Tao

Interviewed by Sing Tao Daily, the article is a small collection of start-ups based in Science Park who has won prizes this year published in June 2019. MagiCube Limited is one of the start-up companies mentioned in the article.

21 June 2019
Interviewed by

Interviewed by, an online platform to apply job posts based in Hong Kong. The article is about Leo (Founder) sharing about career and job seeking tips published in June 2019. Link:

10 June 2019
Interviewed by HKET

Interviewed by newspaper Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET), placed in section A, with the title "A STEM platform helps teachers teach coding, created by Startup", published in June 2019. Link:【創業兵團】初創研STEM平台 助教師授編程

10 May 2019
Interviewed by “StartupBeat” of HKEJ

Interviewed by "StartupBeat" of Hong Kong Economic Journal, with 20-mins video, placed as the main post with the title "Una adopts collaboration learning to win the startup gold award", published in May 2019. Link:

22 April 2019
Interviewed by “On a Clear Day” of CRHK

Interviewed by the radio program "On a Clear Day" of CRHK, sharing experience on receiving Hong Kong ICT Startup Gold Award 2019 on 22 April 2019. Link:

09 April 2019
Receiving HKICT Gold Award reported by “StartupBeat” of HKEJ

Receiving Gold Award of HKICT Startup Award (Social Impact) 2019, reported by "StartupBeat" of Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ), published in April 2019. Link:

27 February 2019
Being Judge in HKFYP’s app competition reported by HK01

Being a judge in an app development competition for improving the community relations, open for 11-21 years old students, organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYP), reported by HK01 - Community Relations, published in Feb, 2019. Link:社區伙伴/299956/社區伙伴-糅合科技與創意-改善鄰舍生活