Become Our Partners

We are looking for partners to sell/co-sell with Una platform all over the world. Interested partners may choose any of the three types of partnerships below. Benefits, partner support and steps to be our partner are also highlighted.


SaaS Distributor

Selling Una through your network


  • Already have schools networks, or
  • Interested in entering the education market with a new product

Co-sell Partner (Training Center, School Service Provider or Publisher)

Co-selling Una and your service together through our network and your network


  • Provide services to schools (e.g. teacher teaching, student training, tailor-making courses, or any kind of local support)

Co-sell Partner (Hardware or Cloud Service Provider)

Co-selling Una and your hardware or cloud service together through our network and your network


  • Make or sell products (e.g. hardware, sensors or cloud service, especially products/services that integrate with BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and IoT devices)


  1. Earn by selling Una through your network.
  2. Co-selling your product/service using Una with us and/or other partners all over the world.
  3. Receive end user data and reports that help you understand your customers more.

Partner Support

(Availability of each item is subject to negotiation)

  1. User guides and different promotional materials about the functions of Una
  2. Technical training and support
  3. Una teacher and student accounts
  4. Curriculums and teaching materials written by MagiCube

How to become our partner?

  1. Registration: Submit this form –
  2. Conference call meeting: We will send you an invitation e-mail to arrange a conference call meeting. In the meeting, we will provide more detailed information about MagiCube, Una platform and the partnership models. We will discuss with you which partnership model best fits you. According to your choice, we will further ask you more about your company, business nature and current customers network etc. Any information collected is confidential and will only be used in the reviewing process.
  3. Review by MagiCube: Review based on the selected partnership plan and partner’s info, e.g. the current network channels, licensing products, sales target and partner’s commitment etc.
  4. Initial approval and trial account: Once the partnership is initially approved, we will provide you with trial accounts to try out Una! User guides will be provided, and we will have customer service representative to answer any of your questions about Una.
  5. Sign Partnership Contract: Terms and condition of the contract will be discussed based on the partnership model. Partners need to fill in the requested info and may be asked to provide supporting documents.
  6. Partnership Confirmation: Once the contract (e.g. agreement for distributor) is signed, you will be qualified as a partner of MagiCube (e.g. official distributor for Una platform in a specific region).


For any enquiry on partnership, please contact Dr. Jason Chan by email to or by phone or WhatsApp at +852 6711 5982.