Products – diy car

Design and program your own car

Since our platform consists of both hardware & software elements for STEM education,

we aim to empower young learners to learn coding through driving target robotic hardware that can be easily assembled by standard low-cost microcontroller board such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


Our DIY cars are highly flexible and user-friendly for wide-ranges of students. It is supported by portable charger and has sufficient amount of electricity to be used throughout the day. Students or teachers can remodel or add extra sensors to the DIY cars for more diversity for their interactive hands on activity.


To make it more cost effective, we employ currently available products and accessories in the market, such as BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, and portable chargers.


Connect different sensors ranging from temperature, ultrasonic; devices consists of LED, speaker, to build your own customized multi-purpose vehicle. There are no boundaries on what to build. Explore the countless possibilities with BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other Grove systems.


Share with us your idea, we can provide recommendations and offer the best feasible solution to you on how to develop your car. What are you waiting for? Start thinking, build your own car and compete with your peers.

Why our DIY car?

The ultimate goal of promoting DIY cars to students is to prepare the students in knowledge of the core concepts for hardware education under STEM. Through our DIY cars, the learning outcomes include:

Hands on skills

Understanding the basic fundamental concepts of mechanical structure and calibration. Promote the concept of DIY and introduce educational approaches to the students.


Familiarize themselves with understanding the core functions of various robotics parts. Increase their awareness on mechanical/ robotics concepts and impacts on our daily lives.

Logical Reasoning

Improve students’ logical reasoning¬†simultaneously with their hand-eye coordination through studying the instruction manual. Benefiting their engineering techniques.

Grit and Mentality

Train their resilience and ensure students will not give up while setting up the mechanical structure. Increasing their tolerance in accepting mistakes and setbacks.