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Build your own racing track for competition

Besides offering our e-learning platform,

our company has designed wooden boards “Una Boards” specially for students to encourage making DIY cars and fundamental concepts between programming (software) and sending instructions to mechanical chips (hardware).

Our Una Boards are not just cost-effective but customisable and easy to build. The components are durable and reusable. The various price and models can cater to all type of users and schools. It can be setup as a road trail, a maze, a tunnel or even a bridge. There are limitless combinations.

Parts of Una Board such as the tunnel, bridge, wall and floors can be individually bought and set up easily at anywhere without any restraints giving no limitation to the design of teaching material. Personalized colored boards can also be provided upon request for a more eye-catching outlook. It can be expandable into any architecture according to the students’ preference.


Basic programming techniques will be covered; including branching, loop, variable, random, etc.


Encourage students to interact with DIY cars or other sensors


Develop problem solving skills with Algorithmic approach.


Guides students to better understand abstract concept such as Decomposition & Abstraction etc.

Training Mode

The car travels to the color plates according to the programmed sequence. For example, the car should get: Red –> Blue –> Green –> Blue through the tunnel in order to complete the task

Gaming Mode (Developing)

Students are to follow a specific set of rules in order to control the car and complete the task. For example, students have to get to all coloured plates and turn off the lights by avoiding movable traps

Battle Mode (Developing)

Multiple programmabled cars carrying out various tasks. The sun car battles the moon car with the former aiming to turn on all the lights while the latter aims for the opposite

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Be creative, design and build your customized track for STEM competitions.


Build your own racing track for competitions and obstacle tournaments.


No additional tools required, simply unpack and start building.


Develop student’s craftsmanship and hands-eyes coordination.


Simple, easy and ready to be built.