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First and sole platform that integrates classroom management together with MakeCode and micro:bit

Una, which means “together” in Latin,

brings practical collaborative learning into every classroom. Not only does it facilitate teaching and learning between teachers and students, but also inspires new ideas among peers through a single multi-functioned platform, including features such as co-coding and virtual classroom.

Our platform caters to students who are underperformed due to individual learning diversity. Being a teaching and learning platform specifically designed to promote STEM education, Una provides teaching materials and supports Microsoft MakeCode to drive common hardware for STEM education such as micro:bit and Raspberry Pi. These diverse features will boost students’ learning motivation in class, training them problem-solving and leadership skills, while lessening teachers’ workload in lesson preparation and in-class supervision.


  1. Promoting collaborative learning as the solution to learning diversity in STEM education, using block-based co-coding environment.
  2. Providing a familiar user experience, by embedding Microsoft MakeCode.
User Friendly
Collaborative Learing

Una implements collaborative learning through 2 main features, “Co-coding” and “Lock-step”.


Learning diversity, which is the result of the different learning abilities, needs and background of students, has been an ongoing issue in schools worldwide. Such diversity is likely more significant in STEM and coding education as the IT knowledge of the students directly affects their ability to follow the materials. Collaborative learning is a solution to learning diversity.


“Co-coding” allows students and teachers to collaborate and complete coding tasks together, which is especially suitable for STEM projects. Being an online platform, students and teachers can access Una through the internet anytime and anywhere. Also, Una supports block-based programming and allows students and teachers to share the blocks easily.


By using block-based programming, students can build a program or an application without having to learn the syntax and the complex programming paradigm of a traditional text-based programming language.


A common issue of block-based programming is that blocks are difficult to share. With Una, instead of having to share the whole coding project, students and teachers have the ability to share only the blocks they want.


“Lock-step” in our platform, can allow teachers to do better classroom management by controlling the pace of teaching and learning. It helps to make sure students are on the right learning path.


When the fast learners have completed the released tasks, they need to stop working on other tasks but help and teach other lag-behind students in need.


Through this function, students will develop the concept of learning together, experience teamwork among their peers and train their social and leadership skills. It minimizes the workload of teachers with the help of fast learners.

“Co-coding” is an environment which allows students to work together and “lock-step” is the pedagogy designed to motivate students to help each other.

Why Una?

Our platform is currently available in both Chinese and English, but can be easily extended to all languages in the world, that is also supported by MakeCode. Highlighted functions include:

Support Q&A evaluationShort-questions and multiple-choice questions to evaluate students' understanding with auto-marking once students submitted their answers through the system.

Make sure students are learning in the correct direction.

Ready-to-use teaching materialsApproved and easy-to-teach classroom materials in both Chinese and English for immediate STEM teachings. Teachers can also upload their own teaching materials.

Promote effective STEM teaching and apply what is taught to the real world.

Pre-load and sharing codesTeachers can prepare, upload sample codes, and students can share, copy and paste codes between peers to complete a complex group task together.

Encourage students to help each other by promoting teamwork, and collaboration.

Block-based Co-coding environment that supports MakeCodeUsers can drag and drop blocks to write programs together, making programming easier, and achieving higher learning efficiency.

Coding is now fun and interactive. Students can enjoy the world of programming.

Virtual classroom assemblyOne-click assemble all students to enter the virtual classroom immediately. This automation minimizes the time for each student to choose which lesson to join.

Allow learning to be anywhere, anytime without any physical barriers.

In-app chatroomStudents can communicate with teachers and peers to continue their group work anywhere by using In-app chatroom to discuss.

Allowing discussion and brainstorm of new ideas.

Support micro:bit robots, Raspberry Pi and Arduino robotsAll micro:bit devices, together with Raspberry Pi and Arduino robots with our support in developing software driver for the target robot.

Be creative, design and program any possible combinations of robotics.

Classroom ManagementReal-time classroom performance evaluation for each student benefiting teachers in classroom management and keep track of students’ progress.

Assessment in monitoring learning rate and increase effective performance.

Learning Equity

Education is something that has to be equal and fair to everyone. Una eliminates isolation and psychological feeling of neglection for underperformed students. Narrow education gap and and make sure students can fully enjoy learning during their development growth.

Learning Disorder

Students with SEN (Special Education Needs) should have every right to learn about STEM despite their disabilities. Una platform creates an opportunity in discovering students’ unidentified potentials. It will allow students to fully enjoy STEM education through collaborative learning due to peers’ and robots’ interactions.