Coding, STEM, AI Training and Customized Learning Activities

MagiCube Una provides quality education for Coding, STEM and AI courses with student and teacher training, customized learning activities and products.

Student Training
Student Training

We also conduct STEM student workshops to teach the basic concepts of programming with BBC micro:bit. The session is specially designed to allow students in learning both background knowledge session, understand the significance of STEM towards the society, and experience hands-on activity for electronic components of sensory pieces. To widen their exposure, we have also included mechanical instruments that are currently used in the work field such as 3-D printing and laser-cut machine. We aim to increase the awareness of primary elements in STEM and how they are applied to daily lives.

Una teacher training by Johnathan
Teacher Training

We conduct training for school teachers on how to carry out a STEM lesson for students. We went through the teaching materials and provided demos to ensure that they clearly understand the learning outcomes of STEM for each lesson plan custom-designed by MagiCube Limited. The teachers were also allowed to experience hands-on activity and discuss potential teaching approaches for each grade. It also paved a more effective way for the teachers to familiarise themselves with MakeCode and BBC micro:bit. Our STEM lesson plans and teaching materials mainly revolve around MakeCode and BBC micro:bit.

STEM Services
Co-development of STEM activities

We understand that in order to ensure a high-quality STEM education for students, the environment and apparatus used after class is equally important. Therefore, we co-develop STEM activities with schools in Hong Kong, helping the school with the establishment of STEM lab and design customized educational kits.

MagiCube in IDM2
Professional Training

As the member company of Incu-App Programme, Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP), we served as the trainer for competition and training events (e.g. Sci Tech Challenge 2018 and IDM2).

Through the training session conducted by us, participants may gain hands-on experience in setting up and use microcontroller’s basic I/O through NodeJS. It is significant when developing a prototype for home care application.

We are pleased to announce that in the Sci Tech Challenge 2018, the survey result shows that 82% of the students agree or strongly agree that the content is useful.

Why us? Our passion towards education.

Teaching Materials

Tailor-made teaching materials based on students’ capability and pace


Experiences in education especially on computational thinking and engineering mindset.


Integrating academic theories into practical learning.

Personal Growth

Prepare students with the skills required for personal development.